At Taffuri Integrated Wellness Centers, in addition to Chiropractic we offer Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), the revolutionary comprehensive approach that aims to ease and unwind the body from injuries that occur throughout the course of life, such as poor posture, muscle tension, spinal misalignment, tissue damage, etc. The buildup of tension on the muscles and joints over time causes the pain to persist. With ABC adjustments, the goal is to remove the tension from the body’s skeletal structure, evaluate and align the full body to remodel to its optimal state and eliminate pain.

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Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine

.. regenerate unhealthy and arthritic joints. Using this process, stem cells are injected into the damaged joint, for example: shoulders, knees or hips. Regenerative cellular medicine is a safe and effective procedure. Our stem cells have little to no immune reaction...

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Who we are

At Taffuri Integrated Wellness Centers we utilize state of the art technology with the most effective rehabilitation procedures. Combining the art and science of physical therapy, functional medicine, nutritional therapy, chiropractic care and regenerative medicine in...

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