.. regenerate unhealthy and arthritic joints. Using this process, stem cells are injected into the damaged joint, for example: shoulders, knees or hips. Regenerative cellular medicine is a safe and effective procedure. Our stem cells have little to no immune reaction and come from amniotic tissue and umbilical cord blood, that has been FDA approved. This gives you the knowledge and confidence that they are thoroughly screened and ready to use.

Why Is Amniotic Tissue Used?
We choose to use amniotic tissue containing significantly greater numbers of stem cells instead of other methods for a very simple reason… they provide the most effective results. This procedure is relatively painless, and patients typically feel pain relief within 24-48 hours. Our amniotic tissue contains much more than just stem cells.  It also contains all of the naturally occurring materials your body needs to jump start its regeneration process. Our amniotic tissue comes from healthy, pre-screened mothers at the time of scheduled cesarean sections, who have chosen to donate their placenta to help others. All of the tissue samples are harvested from 8 FDA approved centers around the USA, and have gone through a rigorous screening process, comparable to any other tissue donation.

What Does Stem Cell Therapy Treat?
Following are some of the traumatic and degenerative conditions treated with stem cell therapy:
Joint Pain
Knee pain
Hip pain
Shoulder pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cartilage Degeneration
Facet Joint Syndrome
Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Rotator cuff tears
Ligament tears
Meniscal tears
And More

Reasons You Should Choose Regenerative Cellular Medicine?
~  It helps to heal the actual cause of pain and not just mask symptoms
~  It is less invasive and less costly than surgery
~  It is non-steroidal, promotes soft tissue growth and is a natural joint lubricant
~  Patients usually feel relief within 24 – 48 hours
~  It is typically a one-time procedure that only takes about 15 minutes
~  There is little recovery time and you can even drive yourself home
~  Quickly and easily return to the activities you love

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