I mentioned in my last post that we would be introducing a new “pairing” of services. We are now partnering with Dr Badri, a podiatrist. It seems like the most obvious thing in the world that flat feet and other foot issues will affect the back, but has anyone thought to coordinate those two modalities?

Foot care can aide your Chiropractic and Physical therapy program, by establishing a strong foundation so that the joints above, whether it’s your ankles, knees hips or spine, can work better from a biomechanical point of function. So, from time to time we will promote a direct service on this blog in addition to being informative and we are starting with this.

For a limited time on January 26, Dr BADRI will be performing the foot screening free of charge for that day in our office. He is covered by insurance, including Medicare. Call our office today. Space is limited. 201.773.0909

Clients can then visit him for treatment but we will also be taking the results of these screenings to better understand individual’s spinal health. Treatment can be better coordinated when we are aware of what is happening at ground level and affecting the spine. I believe by doing this together we can help you feel better and improve your overall health in a shorter period of time.

We welcome comments from anyone who has used foot care along with chiropractic or physical therapy to help them with spinal pain.

Yours for better health, TAFFURI Integrated Wellness