Getting to Know Dr. Taffuri in Fair Lawn

Getting to Know Dr. Taffuri in Fair Lawn

Getting to Know Dr. Taffuri in Fair Lawn

I am starting this blog today for the purpose of sharing my knowledge of what chiropractic and related treatments can do for you. Having been in practice for almost four decades I have treated and helped thousands of patients. Some using traditional chiropractic and sometimes adding complementary and holistic technology. I have worked alone and alongside Physical Therapists, orthopedists internists, acupuncturists and other practitioners because I believe no one practitioner has all the answers and my goal is to bring you beyond pain to long term improvement. The term doctor actually means teacher. To be a teacher, you have to be a student and I have continued to study and add to my treatment protocol on an ongoing basis.

My philosophy has always been that patients need to understand their treatment and have some input for that treatment to be truly successful. I build relationships with my patients which help me understand their issues better, thus allowing me to help them more. This blog is my way of expanding on this.

The recent years have seen an explosion in the combination of physical therapy and chiropractic services to create a more holistic approach to healing and health. We have embraced this and taken it further. My strong interest in helping people with their total health has also led me to engage in (among other things) a very successful weight loss program which is based on a strictly health-oriented approach. My reasoning for going in that direction is – as I’ve treated people I have learned that weight issues and the emotional side effects, often affect one’s structural health.

And we have another very exciting new pairing of services to be announced soon. One that seems so obvious but doesn’t seem to have been practiced before.

I will be sharing on this blog many modalities that I explore and find useful and some examples of results with those patients who would like to be featured.

Please follow this me and I promise you a journey to valuable information that you can apply and further investigate for your health.

And for those of you in the Northern New Jersey area please feel free to call our office for an appointment. Mention this blog and get a free ten-minute chair massage.


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