Success Stories

"Best of the best of the bessttt!!! I started my journey on September 12th,2018 and lost 26 lbs in 40 days with this program. After I was done with 40 days, I saw that I have the power to achieve whatever i want. This program is the best, since it makes you lose weight a lot and it is HEALTHY!!! When my coach showed me my first day picture after the 40 days, I was literally about to cry because of happiness. I got used to eating healthy already, and I do not think this habit will change ever again! I am the happiest!!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

- Ashley G.

"Every time I get on the Pulse machine I come out chilled, mindful and energized. I am all for it."

- Forrest S.

"I'm feeling so much better. My energy levels are high and my sleep is deep and restorative. So glad I did this."

- Crystal B.

"My friend at work told me about Dr. T and his full service chiropractic and weight loss programs. I met everyone here back in October 2016 and have never met such a great group of people. I have been given education about my physical health and all around well being. I recommend anyone to come here."

- Karen L.

"Picture this: a 58 year old female post menopause with hypothyroidism. Low energy and stamina, difficulty losing weight and craving sweets! I made a decision to commit once again, to a nutritional program and it was the BEST decision I could have made because fast forward to 2018 and the 20 pounds that I shed is still gone!! I’ve learned what foods are best for me and exactly what to do when I have indulged. I have recommended friends who are equally as happy as I am. Oh and yes, I definitely have more energy and sleep better."

- Karen T.

"I’ve been an employee here for some time. When dr Taffuri gets excited about a new modality or treatment I can assume it’s something good as he really does his research. The pulse is pretty amazing. I’ve been on it for various amounts of time from 18 minutes to 1hour. It’s always different but always good results. Sometimes it lowers my stress level. Today it relieved the headache I had. It also calmed me down as I get anxiety sometimes. I am pretty healthy but I get headaches and seeing it go away with not taking anything is tremendous for me."

- Phyllis S.

"Still losing !!!! Started program in January 2018! This program is a game changer, best thing that’s ever happened to me! Recommend it!"

- Mike V.

"I did the NutriMost program over 3 years ago and am happy to say I have maintained my weight and my body composition is even healthier now. This is due to the continued contact with the the coaches at Taffuri Wellness and Weight Loss. Thanks to all!!"

- Robin D.

"I have been a patient in this office for quite a while and it gets better and better with all that it has to offer to maintain optimum good health and to treat and help with Chiro, PT, Pulse, Foot and Ankle, and weight loss, I have only good things to say and recommend this office completely. The staff is wonderful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Dr. T. is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. His knowledge is not to be believed. Thank you everyone for your loving care."

- Joyce T.

"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The entire staff is very encouraging on the good and bad days. The program is very easy to follow."

- Kerrie B.

"I started coming to Taffuri Wellness 4 years ago for the NutriMost program. I have had great success with it. The staff are supportive, encouraging and will go out of their way to make sure you are successful in reaching your goals.

The office recently started with the Pulse machine. This is an awesome addition to the office. I have had aches and pains disappear and feel energetic and serine when I come off the machine. I have 2 boys and have them get treatment with the Pulse. I have noticed a difference in temperament and their anxiety seems to be under control. They have been using the Pulse for a few weeks and the difference it is making is noticeable. I can't wait to see the results continue.

Thank you for being the office that has this machine and the opportunity to experience the life altering affects. I trust the staff completely!"

- Lori D.

"Excellent program if you are dedicated."

- Michele

"I love my adjustments they make me happy and I feel great!"

- Svetlana G.


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