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  • The Program begins with an evaluation of your body and the reasons your body reacts the way that it does.
  • Using NutriMost in Fair Lawn Intelligence, we then construct a personalized protocol just for you.
  • First, we provide a detailed food plan that includes a library of recipes so that you continue to eat a wide variety of delicious REAL food that is easy-to-prepare. You have endless options!
  • We also offer you a line of all-natural supplements designed to support your body and address nutritional deficiencies.
  • Recording your progress has never been easier than with the NutriMost Journal. Track your progress, share with your coach, and delight in your success!
  • NutriMost Client Support is second to none! NutriMost practitioners and coaches who care about your health and well-being partner with you on your journey. The NutriMost Integrated Virtual Assistant offers support 24/7 and our
  • Client Portal gives you many more tools and resources to help you be successful. You will also be part of a community of clients who are proud of their success and want to share their experiences, insights and tips with you.


NutriMost believes so much in the power of our weight loss program that we have undertaken two separate studies. One is an Institutional Review Board approved Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Trial, as well as, a Prospective, Longitudinal Cohort Study of the NutriMost 40-Day Weight Loss Program.

The prospective cohort analysis demonstrated that the Personalized & Supervised “NutriMost 40 day weight loss program is highly effective—10% of participants lose an average of over 45 pounds in 40 days”

The prospective cohort analysis demonstrated that the top 25% of Personalized & Supervised NutriMost 40 day weight loss program participants lost an average of 38.7 pounds.

“Overall average weight loss of the 40 day NutriMost program was 26.2 pounds—14.3 pounds in the first 20 days on the program”*

Both studies demonstrated that the average user not only sustained their weight loss but continued to lose weight after the weight loss phase of the program. The average user in the Prospective study lost over 3 lbs., while the average user of the RCT lost 1.4 lbs. after the weight loss phase of the program.

The IRB approved Randomized Controlled trial demonstrated that participants of the non-personalized & unsupervised 40 day weight loss program safely lost an average of 6.13 pounds in the first 21 days.*


Average, minimum, and maximum total weight loss (lbs) by quartile and gender


Weight Loss Chart


Total Weight Loss Chart


Weight Loss Chart


Weight Loss Chart

The NutriMost 40-Day Weight Loss Program also called the NutriMost 40-Day Classic program is the name given to the 65+ day program that consists of 6 Phases. NutriMost provides personal coaching and other resources over a 65+ day period of which between 40 to 45 days involve low calorie (800 calorie) and other dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Case Study Data comes from first-time client submitted data to a third party for tracking of daily weight loss and progress through the NutriMost weight loss programs. All results are accurately and transparently presented.

IRB Approved Randomized Controlled Trial was sponsored by NutriMost LLC and conducted by an independent contract research organization (Global Clinicals, Inc., Los Angeles, CA).





To assess the efficacy of the personalized & supervised 40-Day weight loss program

To determine short-term weight loss sustainability of the personalized 40-day weight loss program


To assess the efficacy of the nonpersonalized and unsupervised 40-Day weight Loss Program

To determine the safety of the 40-Day weight loss program by utilizing blood work, vitals & assessment questionnaires.

To assess medium-term weight loss sustainability (2.25 months after the weight loss phase)


The weight loss program was personalized and optimized for each individual user regarding both foods and supplementation


The protocols were the same for each user. Each user was given the same list of foods and were all placed on the same 4 nutritional products.


Each user was assigned a personal coach who had access to user’s daily weights. User could contact coach daily and would meet each week to review results and make adjustments to help coach and guide the user to success.


The user had four set meetings (including the 1st visit) with a researcher, whose job was merely to gather information and could not intervene or provide guidance or coaching.


The user was given a number of resources and tools including member only user portal, which provided an abundance of resources, as well as, advanced email and text support.


No resources or tools were given to the user except a “generic” manual / guide.


The sample size of the study was large at 4,505 users


The sample size of the study started at 120 participants. 60 Active and 60 control. The trial ended with 36 active participants and 33 control participants.


Lipid Panel-Change from Baseline Day 45

Lipid Panel Change

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Lipid Panel-Change from Baseline Day 21

Lipid Panel Change

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Effectiveness of the Program:
Both studies demonstrate that the NutriMost 40-Day Weight Loss Program is effective for weight loss. 

The RCT trial utilized multiple factors including comprehensive blood work to demonstrate that the NutriMost 40-Day weight loss program resulted in safe weight loss.

Sustainability of the Weight Loss:
Both the Prospective Longitudinal Trial and the Randomized Controlled Trial demonstrated sustainability of the weight loss with the RCT showing the weight loss continued after the weight loss phase from day 45 to day 112 during which time the calories were substantially raised with the average person losing an additional 1.4 lbs. on average. The Prospective trial demonstrated that during the 21 to 30 days after the weight loss phase “comparing the set point weight to the maximum of the weights reported throughout the entire maintenance period revealed an average continued weight loss of 3.1 lbs. for women and 3.3 lbs. for men. 84.2% of women and 80.0% of men had no weight gain or continued to lose weight compared to their weight set point throughout a one-month period following the last day of the weight reduction phase of the program and after a substantial increase in calories added back to diet. 95.0% of women and 92.1% of men maintained a weight within 2 lbs. of their set point weight.”

The results of this study indicates that the NutriMost weight loss program safely and effectively effectuated weight loss results. 

NutriMost has received STRONGSCIENCE Level 2 certification for efficacy and safety of its weight loss program 


I started coming to Taffuri Wellness 4 years ago for the NutriMost program. I have had great success with it. The staff are supportive, encouraging and will go out of their way to make sure you are successful in reaching your goals.

The office recently started with the Pulse machine. This is an awesome addition to the office. I have had aches and pains disappear and feel energetic and serine when I come off the machine. I have 2 boys and have them get treatment with the Pulse. I have noticed a difference in temperament and their anxiety seems to be under control. They have been using the Pulse for a few weeks and the difference it is making is noticeable. I can't wait to see the results continue.

Thank you for being the office that has this machine and the opportunity to experience the life altering affects. I trust the staff completely!

- Lori D.

I did the NutriMost program over 3 years ago and am happy to say I have maintained my weight and my body composition is even healthier now. This is due to the continued contact with the the coaches at Taffuri Wellness and Weight Loss. Thanks to all!!

- Robin D.

Picture this: a 58 year old female post menopause with hypothyroidism. Low energy and stamina, difficulty losing weight and craving sweets! I made a decision to commit once again, to a nutritional program and it was the BEST decision I could have made because fast forward to 2018 and the 20 pounds that I shed is still gone!! I’ve learned what foods are best for me and exactly what to do when I have indulged. I have recommended friends who are equally as happy as I am. Oh and yes, I definitely have more energy and sleep better.

- Karen T.


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