FDA Recommends Chiropractic in Light of the Opioid Epidemic in Fair Lawn

FDA Recommends Chiropractic in Light of the Opioid Epidemic in Fair Lawn

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People make various choices to handle pain. Drugs should not be the first way to go. However, most doctors prescribe drugs first. So, we are very pleased to see this article I am sharing here, which is all about what we in the chiropractic and physical therapy worlds have been telling our patients for many years. Chiropractic and Physical Therapy doesn’t just eradicate pain, but it does so by handling the source of the pain. Unlike a painkiller which just masks the pain. By masking the pain, one becomes dependent on the drug to be pain free and the condition persists and can actually progress. Most people come to a chiropractor when they have pain. And in most cases they wait until its pretty bad. But except for accidents, the problem has most likely been developing over time. Since its much easier to correct these issues as they originate, one should really come in for an evaluation at the first sign. Those signs can be lack of range of motion, lessening of strength, tingling or numbness and any other non-optimum effects. Unfortunately, opioids have come into the picture in recent years. These drugs were never intended for every day pain. But they have been and are being overprescribed and the fact that they are very addictive has the medical community quite alarmed. So finally the FDA has changed the way it educates healthcare providers and is suggesting chiropractic care. This has been something we have tried to get through for some time. It is sad that many people had to become addicted and many overdosed in order to see this. Read the full Article from Advanced Medical Integration


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