Improving Chiropractic Outcomes Using the ABC’s in Fair Lawn

Improving Chiropractic Outcomes Using the ABC’s in Fair Lawn

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I always aim for life changing results and want to accept nothing less. So when I saw patients who either had some issues not resolving as well as other issues, or patients who seemed to need more, I had to do some research. In future blogs I be discussing various techniques I have found but today I am going to talk about ABC.

ABC or Advanced BioStructural Correction TM is a technique where you will see bodies staying upright with no effort after only one treatment. This produces stunning results. And of course a longer course of treatment will help these results become permanent.

Advanced BioStructural Correction is a form of chiropractic care in Fair Lawn that focuses primarily on posture and balanced body function. There is a correlation with stress being imposed upon the nervous system involving the meningeal tissue which is a skin like smooth covering over your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves. Tension and irritation over a period of time can lead to adhesions of the soft tissue. As a result of that there is more of a systemic effect throughout the body. Advanced BioStructural Correction focuses on correcting the tension that can result if the body gets stuck forward, backwards or laterally.

The bones that shift forward, in essence, anterior, create a biomechanical imbalance that throws the body out of alignment, thus creating neurological stress and body dysfunction. With ABC we check for the areas of joint dysfunction from head to toe and correct them. The difference from more traditional chiropractic is we adjust from head to toe, the entire body.

Keeping in mind that 400,000 back surgeries are done annually. Fifty percent of these patients never should’ve had back surgery and should’ve looked at other forms of treatment to resolve their problem. Of the other 50 percent only half had successful outcomes. Leaving the other half not only not better, but with permanent limitations and sometimes adverse reactions. Drugs can alleviate some symptoms but have side effects and adverse reactions especially when used over time.

It is proactive to try every non-surgical, non-drug option before opting for surgery.

Remember, every pill has a side effect and every surgery is permanent.


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